5 recommendations how to choose the best plastic windows.
How to choose plastic windows?

Modern windows allow you to save energy when heating and air conditioning rooms. Also, metal constructions look great and serve up to 50 years without deformation and breakage. But all these advantages are possible if you choose the right products. On the market there are many cheap window frames and double-glazed windows that do not meet the desired characteristics.

A person without experience with PVC windows is very difficult to distinguish a high-quality profile from unreliable products. Choosing the right plastic windows is not easy. For this you need to take into account some important characteristics of structures

What are the types of plastic windows?
There are many differences that should be considered when choosing a window for your house or apartment. Only the right choice will allow you to get all the advantages and forget about the problem of window openings in your home for a long time. It is necessary to find out the main differences in order not to overpay when buying window designs for functions unnecessary for you.

The main factors for plastic window differences are:

PVC profile itself may differ in composition of materials. This is a metallized construction; aluminum is most often used as a metal. The plastic component is also important. If PVC is cheap, windows will quickly change color. This will force you to spend a lot of money and time on the care of the equipment, and also to replace the frame in a few years.

Which profile should I choose?
Particular attention should be paid to the manufacturer profile. This may be a well-known company – Rehau, KBE, VEKA. Less well-known manufacturers from the CIS countries rarely offer decent quality. There are three profile classes for window production:

class A – thickness of external walls from 2.8 mm, internal 2.5 mm;
class B – thickness of external metal walls 2.5 mm, internal from 2 mm;
class C – all profiles that do not fit the criteria for classes A and B.
If you look at the documentation of low-cost domestic offers, you will find class C certification. To say with certainty how long such a profile can serve is almost impossible. This means that after a few years, the window may become deformed and start passing air in the closed position.

Double-glazed windows – what are the glass requirements?
Single-chamber packages are suitable only for technical premises, most often they must be deaf structures.

Most experts offer for domestic purposes to buy two-chamber double-glazed windows, where another intermediate is installed between the outer and inner glass. This forms an additional chamber, which increases the energy efficiency of products by 15-30%. For cold climates it is worth choosing packages with a large number of cameras. But 2-3 cameras – the optimal amount. More glass simply makes the structure heavier and often makes it uncomfortable to install.

Also note the quality of the seal. If the gum on the PVC-frame is deformed, become rigid or peel off, then the number of packages does not matter. The cold air will easily penetrate your home and increase heating costs.

Components, accessories and add-ons – what to choose?
When buying plastic windows, you can choose a variety of add-ons in the form of convenient fittings, special types of window closing, colors, additional seals and effective handles. Handles with locks that lock with a key will be useful. This increases the safety of using products if there is a child in the house.

Also, windows can be purchased by adding them with such important advantages:

better European fittings, which is expensive, but fully justified;
decor – it can be a film of a special color, a certain preparation of the glass unit, a special type and appearance of the handles;
additional functions of the opening system, such as fixing in a certain position, protection against arbitrary closing;
combined opening systems, in which the window can be opened in any position, including shifting;
burglary protection system, which will be needed for residents of the first and second floors to prevent illegal entry into the house.
Manufacturers also offer unique shapes and types of profiles, a special filling of glass for decorative purposes. But it is important when choosing windows not only the correct approach to the definition of all the little things. A significant role is also played by the company that produces the window from the profile, as well as performs the installation. Improper installation can easily reduce the effectiveness of even the most expensive product.

Price and production time of plastic windows
Using simple tips, you can easily find a decent window for your apartment or private house. Do not forget about the final cost of the selected design.

What affects the cost of windows, you can find here. Choose the best performance for your budget and pay special attention to the technical parameters of your windows. The right choice in this case will determine not only the product life, but also the quality of operation, the effectiveness of protection from drafts and heat exchange with the environment.

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