April 18-19 INVENTRA will hold the Thirteenth International Conference “Polymers in Packing 2018” and the First International Conference “Polymers in the Cosmetic and Perfume Industry of 2018” in Moscow at the Baltschug Kempinski Hotel.

The manufacturers of packaging materials face a difficult task: to meet all modern requirements and at the same time continue to work “in plus.” They are still in harsh conditions of high prices for raw materials, high competition and relatively low rates of development of the domestic economy as a whole. Within the framework of the conference “Polymers in packaging 2018” the issue of interaction between producers of raw materials and processors is one of the key. Does the manufacturer know the main problems of the consumer? What are the optimal solutions that meet the requirements that can offer?

Separate attention deserves a segment of perfumery and cosmetics, where the importance of quality and beautiful packaging can not be overestimated. Form, print quality, design, design – its main components.

At the event on April 19, together with key manufacturers of cosmetics and perfumes and experts of the industry, we will discuss the prospects of development of production and consumption of polymer packaging for the cosmetic and perfume industry. What materials and technical solutions will be most in demand in the future? How competitive is domestic production and is it able to supplant imports?

Additional information about the conference can be obtained by phone. + 7 (495) 276-77-88, +7 (495) 797-49-07 or e-mail: org@creonenergy.ru.

source: http://sfera.fm/news/v-moskve-v-aprele-proidet-konferentsiya-polimery-v-upakovke-2018_21338

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