Prices for plastic windows (the price of the offer of window companies) in September 2018, despite the difficult economic situation in the country, showed seasonal growth in most regions of Russia in relation to the figures for August. OKNA MEDIA portal and an independent industry center О.K.N.A. Marketing analyze the situation with the prices of PVC designs in September.

Prices for plastic windows increased in most regions. Dynamics of prices for plastic windows in September 2018 is represented by the independent industry center O.K.N.A. Marketing based on the analysis of information on the offers of the largest companies in the Russian window market. The average market prices of the offer “for the product” and “turnkey” in September, in Russia, showed growth dynamics by 4% compared to the indicators of August, up to 5,800 rubles – per m2 “for the product” and 8,837 rubles – per m2 “under key”.

The maximum increase in the offer price “for the product” was observed in the Urals (+ 15%), where the price slightly “fell short” to the all-Russian indicators and fixed at the level of 5,625 rubles. At the same time, the traditional leadership of the Far East on the maximum value of prices among all regions – 8,550 rubles has been preserved. The minimum offer price “for the product” was in the South – 4948 rubles. This is the only region where the price could not rise to the level of 5 000 rubles. With the overall positive balance, the two regions showed a negative trend (-4%). This is Siberia and the South. All regions, with the exception of Siberia (-2%), showed a positive trend in the growth of prices “turnkey”. At the same time, the maximum increase in the “turnkey” price, as well as “for the product”, was observed in the Urals (+ 13%). The absolute maximum price was noted in the Far East (13,297 rubles), and the minimum in the Center (7,375 rubles).

The term of manufacturing products increased by 9% and amounted to 12 calendar days. This indicates the workload of window companies. September – increase in the share of broad core systems Broad systems, on average in Russia, showed an increase (+ 11%) compared to August, with a 65% share of the total supply on the market. The leader in the number of broad systems in September was Moscow (78%), although only in this region there was a decrease in the share of such systems (-4%). At the same time, the maximum increase in the share of broad systems was noted in the North-West (+ 42%). Judging by the dynamics of price growth and the increase in the share of broad systems, the price for windows of the same configuration in this region has significantly decreased compared to August. In the Volga region, the growth of the share of broad systems, as in the North-West, was ahead of the dynamics of price growth, but with a smaller gap. Here, the price of windows of similar configuration decreased by a smaller value. The minimum number of wide profile systems was observed in the South. Prices in the region declined due to the increase in the supply of cheap specialized systems and economy of accessories. In the Far East and Siberia, the August balance of core systems has been preserved with a different vector of price dynamics. In the Far East there was an increase in prices for the same configuration in comparison with August, and in Siberia – a decrease in price indicators. The Center has seen an increase in offers of high-class windows with an increase in the share of wide systems. But the rise in prices showed less dynamics, confirms a slight decrease in prices in this region. Offers of plastic windows depending on the width of the profile Russia, September 2018, and the growth of wide systems in relation to August 2018,%

In general, all regions, with the exception of the South, showed a large share of the broad-system supply of about 70%, indicating that seasonal preparation for the winter began in most of Russia. September confirmed the projected growth in both price indicators and the share of supply of broad systems. This happened despite the fact that the month was uneasy. The overall economic situation in the country was adversely affected by the policy of sanctions and the depreciation of the ruble. Nevertheless, the results of September 2018 were better than last year’s figures for the same period. The absolute rise in prices, although it turned out to be insignificant, but changed the vector of price increases to positive. September confirmed the status of the high season period in the window market.

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