The Government of the Russian Federation must submit proposals, by September 15, to create conditions for a more rapid introduction of modern biomedical and biodegradable polymer medicaments to the market, developed by Russian scientists. This is stated in the instructions of President Vladimir Putin on the results of the “Direct Line”.

“To submit proposals aimed at implementing measures to support scientific teams developing medical products from biocompatible and biodegradable polymers in order to bring the results of scientific developments to the industrial production of medical devices and accelerate their withdrawal to the market, as well as the introduction of practical medical organizations. The report – until 15 September 2018, “the document says.

Biodegradable polymers used in medicine dissolve in contact with biological media of a living organism. Such polymers are used for the manufacture of implants, gradually replaced by living tissues, for the production of suture material, as well as for drug delivery systems in the body cells. Biocompatible polymers are used for the production of medicinal films, ointments, membranes for microcapsules.

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