The Joint Research and Development Center of Rosneft (RN-CIR) received a patent for a catalyst for the manufacture of innovative heavy-duty material.

This was reported by Rosneft on April 20, 2018. Details on the novelty Rosneft reported little. The catalyst and heavy-duty polymers obtained with its help promise the company great advantages. Thus, tests have shown that such polymers are quite capable of stopping the bullet. Rosneft sees a much more peaceful use of new polymers. According to its characteristics, the innovative material can be used for making helicopter blades and ballistic-resistant materials. In the oil sector, it can be used to manufacture casing and drilling pipes with improved commodity characteristics in weight and corrosion resistance. In addition, on its basis, strong composites with positive buoyancy can be obtained. In the future, this allows the use of this material in the manufacture of marine and river vessels. At the moment, Rosneft is the sole owner of the technology for the modification of the catalyst for the production of heavy-duty polymers.

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