The degree of strength and durability of finished structures directly depends on the quality of building materials used in their erection. It is necessary to check the quality parameters of raw materials even before the work starts on the site. Who can be entrusted with this procedure? Only an accredited laboratory with extensive practical experience and the necessary technical base.

What building materials are tested most often
Any construction site – the concentration of dozens of different materials and products. But among the total number of them, the test in the laboratory is more often than others: sand, gravel, cement, asphalt and its mixtures, soils.

In the list of determinants, moisture, density, presence of foreign inclusions, factionality, etc. are present. In each of the samples, a list of significant characteristics is determined on an individual basis. On the site of the certified laboratory, the process of testing construction materials is highlighted in more detail, all the necessary data are in the public domain.

Advantages of testing construction samples
Within the laboratory, specialists are able to obtain extremely reliable information about the qualitative parameters of all the test materials. If necessary, during the study, the natural conditions of the construction site can be simulated. All this confirms the importance and necessity of these procedures. Timely implemented tests of building materials give an opportunity:

determine the level of reliability of material suppliers;
ensure high quality of construction work;
prevent emergencies, problems on the site;
maximize the life of the structure.
In accredited laboratories testing of all groups of construction materials is carried out in accordance with the regulatory requirements of GOSTs, SNiP. The outcome of the procedures are official conclusions. In these documents, the results of the tests are recorded, an expert evaluation of the quality of samples of the analyzed materials is given.

The obtained laboratory conclusions allow the contractor to implement in time a number of necessary measures to improve the operational parameters of the constructed facility.

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