Calcium Carbonate

for paints, plastics, and wallpaper

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Product Description

Calcium carbonate is found in nature in 3 forms: marble, limestone, and chalk. AGSCARB products are manufactured from high-purity marble calcium carbonate. Extracted from high-purity quarries, they feature low silicate values and very low abrasion. AGSCARB has both ultrafine grades -%90 of the particles smaller than 2 microns- to an average particle size of 100 microns.

AGSCARB K-series products feature over-separation, which provides lower oil absorption without surface coating. Over-separated products have the following advantages.

Low oil absorption helps reduce binder or other additive costs for both paint and plastics manufacturers. Please use the contact form below to get more information about AGSCARB K-series products.
The main advantages of AGSCARB K-series products are:

  • Low oil absorption
  • Low binder and additive costs for paints and plastics
  • Lower costs due to the possibility of increasing calcium carbonate content in recipes

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